My blender games!

Here is my updated first game i made with Blender. If you dont know, it’s a 3D animation/picture/game making program. Please don’t judge me if its not good, because this is my first game. There are instructions to install and play in the zip.

Chair Spin logo i made with Blender.

I’ts called Chair Spin. I just wanted to make something funny. 🙂

If you have any questions and/or feedback write it down to the comments. I wil reply.

When you click the download link and it get’s you to Google Drive just click download in the right corner. It will take a while for some reason but it will work if you are patient for about 10 seconds.

Because the files are in Google Drive they are virus scanned. So you are safe! 🙂

Downloads: Linux and Windows

Update: 1.1
-Some bug fixes
-Major bug with Linux fixed
-Added a possibility to win

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