Welcome to rocket-launch website!

Rocket launching programs for Linux or Unix,
but for Windows is only simulator.

Downloads for linux:

For windows:

For windows you have to download also dosbox you can download it here.


Help.txt :

Help for starting rocket launch simulator with dosbox.

On Windows do this:

Download from and click rocket-launch.
Extract .
Install DOSBox.
Start dosbox.
Go to the directory where is rocket-launch_simulator.EXE (you extracted that file from the file) like this: to go in
directorys write for example like this: cd yourdirectory and then press enter, but if you go to your drives for example C: E:
or D: go like this for example to C: like this: c: and to D: for example like this: d: and to all drives like i wrote for C: E: and D: .
Start rocket-launch_simulator.EXE like this: rocket-launch_simulator.EXE .
Program is started!

On Linux do this if you want to see Windows program (for Linux is in file simulator):

Download dosbox from internet.
Install dosbox.
Make directory to your home directory named dosprogs.
Extract to dosprogs directory.
Start dosbox.
Write this: mount c: ~/dosprogs and then press enter.
Now dosprogs directory is mounted to c: .
Write c: and then press enter.
Write rocket-launch_simulator.EXE and then press enter.
Program is started!

Patrick, 8 years old boy wrote this help text.

© Patrick, 8 years old boy.

All rights reserved. (now i am 11 years)